SEASON 2019-20

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SEASON 2018-19

Team formation

Any Hong Kong or Macau Secondary School Student between the Age of 14-18.

It is suggested that teams are composed with students aged 14-18. There is no limitation on minimum age for participating students but all team members must be current secondary school students. The maximum age for participation is 18, using 18th April 2018 (Date of 2018 FIRST World Championship) as the cutoff date.

The registration fee for one team is HKD$1,800, regardless the number of members in each team.

Each team should consist of 3 to 15 students.

The first registered team of each school will be automatically accepted. The registration for other team(s) from the same school would be put on the waitlist. After the registration deadline, we will send out emails to confirm whether the registrations for the extra teams are success or not.

Administrative work

Please register in the flowing website: Registration Form

The date of the registration deadline is 31st December.

Please send your request to FTC Hong Kong Committee reserve the right to refuse any request of change after registration.

Competition hardware

Yes. For full list of requirement, please refer to game manual part 1 for more information. (GM Part 1, Section 8.0 The Robot)

Although there are brands listed on the game manual, any android devices are allowed in the competition. Please note that the FTC apps require the use of devices with android 4.4 or android 6 or above.

Judging and Awards

Inspire Award is an award that, in the opinion of the judges, is a strong contender in different categories. Teams will be evaluated on the performance of the interview and the game and be evaluated on the Engineering Notebook. Teams can refer to the Judge Summary Sheet for the detailed requirement.
Please note that there are no greater weightings on any of the judging areas. Teams might be observed by the judges during the game as a reference of judging the Inspire Award winner. (Judges Summary Sheet Sample)

Only teams which have handed in Engineering Notebook would be eligible for winning Inspire Award. Also it is a goal of FTC to recognize the design process and the “journey” of the team. Making a full documentation for the tournament of a team is strongly encouraged.

Award winners will have the right to choose which championships they want to join according to the following sequence.

1. Inspire Award winner
2. Winning Alliance Captain
3. Inspire Award finalist
4. Wining Alliance Vice Captain
5. Finalist Alliance Captain
6. Finalist Alliance Vice Captain

Please note that each school can only join one oversea championship.

Each year the number varies. Basically there could be one (1) place for FIRST World Championship in USA and two (2) places for Asian Pacific Invitational in Australia. Hong Kong FIRST organizing committee reserve the right to invite any teams.

Robot matches

No. There will be a practice field with half set of game elements set up. Teams can do testing on that field.

After the announcement of the start of the competition, a match list will be distributed to teams. Teams need to get prepared according to their own schedule and line up for the matches according to the instructions.